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The Future of Rhyduino

For my pre-Firmata projects, I used the tools and libraries in Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio to write my PC <-> Arduino code; I worked on the team that invented the foundation that became Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio, so I’ve been fond if it from the start. Once I’ve completely implemented the Firmata 2.1 protocol in Rhyduino, I will be creating a Rhyduino service for Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio. If I’m feeling ambitious at the time, I may create an Arduino emulator for use in the MSRDS simulation environment.

I see that the Firmata protocol has grown to provide servo control and I2C communication features, but for my needs there are two critical components that are still missing:
  • I’d like to see it provide Charlieplexing functionality. I wonder what performance I’d be able to achieve by implementing this purely on the PC side using the existing standard Firmata sketch on the Arduino. It’d be a hell of a lot easier to do that than to get the protocol spec revised and implement the changes on the Arduino.
  • I need to be able to read and write to the memory on the Arduino. Since that will require modification to the Arduino sketch, I guess that I’ll have to propose a change to the Firmata protocol.

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