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Rhyduino.RequestMessageType Enumeration

The values defining the different types of request messages.


  • AnalogWrite Request an analog pin value change (Code: 0xE0)
  • DigitalWrite Request a digital port value change (Code: 0x90)
  • None Uninitialized
  • ProtocolVersion Request the remote Firmata protocol version report (Code: 0x79)
  • ReportAnalogPin Request the reporting of an analog pin (Code: 0xC0)
  • ReportDigitalPort Request the reporting of a digital port (Code: 0xD0)
  • ServoConfig Request to configure a pin for controlling a servo (Code: 0x70)
  • SetPinMode Request a change to the pin mode (Code: 0xF4)
  • SetSamplingInterval Request a change to the sampling interval (Code: 0x7A)
  • SystemReset Request a remote Firmata system reset (Code: 0xFF)

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