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Enums.cs Unit Tests

This class contains all of the enumerations used by Rhyduino. As it provides no functionality, the unit tests do nothing other than confirm that the enumeration values are what they are expected to be.

A line through the test indicates that it has been written and checked in to the source repository.

RequestMessageType Enum
  • Verify that ReportAnalogPin equals 0xC0.
  • Verify that ReportDigitalPort equals 0xD0.
  • Verify that SetPinMode equals 0xF4.
  • Verify that SystemReset equals 0xFF.
  • Verify that ProtocolVersion equals 0x79.
  • Verify that DigitalWrite equals 0x90.
  • Verify that AnalogWrite equals 0xE0.
  • Verify that SetSamplingInterval equals 0x7A.
  • Verify that None equals 0x00.
  • Verify that ServoConfig equals 0x70.
ResponseMessageType Enum
  • Verify that SysexStart equals 0xF0.
  • Verify that SysexEnd equals 0xF7.
  • Verify that ProtocolVersion equals 0x79.
  • Verify that AnalogValue equals 0xE0.
  • Verify that DigitalValue equals 0x90.
  • Verify that None equals 0x00.
PinMode Enum
  • Verify that Input equals 0.
  • Verify that Output equals 1.
  • Verify that Analog equals 2.
  • Verify that Pwm equals 3.
  • Verify that Servo equals 4.

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