Beta Release (v0.8.2)

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Released: Jun 11, 2010
Updated: Jun 11, 2010 by RhyMednick
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Release Notes


  • Sample Project - Demonstrates basic functionality and is flooded with code comments, so it's capable of being used as a learning tool. It demonstrates the following activities:
    • Find a connected Arduino without specifying the COM port.
    • Connect to an Arduino and query the Firmata protocol version that it's using.
    • Connect to an Arduino, configure digital pin 13 as an output pin, set pin 13 to alternating high/low values. This has the affect of flashing the LED on the Arduino board.
    • Connect to an Arduino, configure digital pin 3 as a servo pin, send the servo the following values: 0, 90, 179, 90, 0. Since this demon requires hardware, some code changes might need to be made for the servo you are using. I was testing on what I had lying around (a Hitec HD-322HD).
  • MockArduino - This is the mock Arduino that I've been commenting on in the status messages. It reads pre-defined request/response patterns from a text file and then pretends it's an Arduino by sending back the canned responses for certain requests. It's extremely simple to use, but it requires 3rd party software to be installed and configured properly in order to work. Therefore, anyone who downloads it won't be able to use it until I document how to configure the 3rd party app. I'll do that very soon.
  • Rhyduino - This is the core functionality. The rest of this page describes the Rhyduino functionality.

Library Features

  • Auto-detects connected Arduino devices.
  • Very stable.
  • Uses system resources intelligently to take advantage of multiple CPU cores when present.
  • All Microsoft Code Analysis tools are executed to ensure that all code conforms to the provided guidance.

Firmata Message Support


  • Protocol Version Report
  • Analog Pin Report
  • Digital Port Report (a digital port consists of 7 digital pins)


  • Protocol Version
  • Set Sampling Interval
  • Set Pin Mode
  • Servo Config (new for v0.8.2)
  • Monitor Analog Pin
  • Monitor Digital Port
  • Analog Write
  • Digital Write
  • Servo Write (new for v0.8.2)

Arduino Requirements

  • This release assumes that the connected Arduino is the Duemilanove running the StandardFirmata sketch from the Arduino IDE v018.

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