Servo Config - Find correct MinPulse/MaxPulse/Angle?

Mar 21, 2011 at 3:34 PM

I'm using an Arduino Uno to (hopefully) control some servos. The "Sweep" servo sketch works fine running standalone on the Arduino (servo sweeps back and forth). However, in Rhyduino (with StandardFirmata sketch running on the Arduino), having trouble getting a good result.

Playing with values of MinPulse / MaxPulse / Angle I can get the servo (JR Sport) to occasionally twitch, move, and try to overextend itself, but it's not really controlled. So my question is, are there MinPulse/MaxPulse/Angle settings that would essentially replicate what the "Sweep" sketch uses, since it works properly? If not, any ideas on how I find the correct values for my servo?