Which boards should Rhyduino support?

Nov 18, 2010 at 10:16 PM

Hello everyone - 

I am in the process of determining which Arduino boards to support natively in Rhyduino. Below is the list of boards that are being considered and (if appropriate) my thoughts:

  1. Uno - This is currently supported and will continue to be supported in future versions. This is the replacement for the Duemilanove.
  2. Nano - This will need a specialized version of the Firmata sketch in order to get full access to the device capabilities, but the change should be trivial. This should be an easy board to support.
  3. Lily Pad - It appears that this board can be supported with no Rhyduino or Firmata code changes. I'll bet it just works, but I haven't tested it. I will definitely add this to the list of supported boards.
  4. Mega2560 - Hmm. I don't think that the Firmata spec allows for as many inputs as the board supports (54 digital). If true, adding support for it might be too costly in the near-term.
  5. Fio - (see Lily Pad comment)
  6. Bluetooth - (see Lily Pad comment)
  7. Pro - (see Lily Pad comment)
  8. Mini - (see Lily Pad comment)
  9. Pro Mini - (see Lily Pad comment)

Well, I didn't know where I was heading when I started this message, but it seems pretty clear now. The initial list of boards to add support for will include everything on the list with the exception of the Nano and Mega2560. If you have other boards you would like me to look into, or disagree with the direction, please chime in.

- Rhy